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    I'm attempting to get up and running after a three-year lapse as I moved my equipment.

    I cannot open ACP. It just give me the following message: "ACP has been locked. Please run your current ACP installer to restore. DO NOT UNINSTALL. Again, just re-run the ACP installer FOR YOUR CURRENT VERSION OF ACP."

    I cannot find an ACP Installer on the computer, so I don't know what to do. And, since I cannot open the program, I have no idea what version I have.

    Can you help me out here?


    Mark de Regt

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    Hi - Sunday night on an airplane. Iíve been at NEAF/NEAIC. Doing the Comm Center I noted this post but did not know any context. You have 8.1. A W10 update locked it. You need to run the 8.1 installer to repair. Then ACP will start allowing you to enter your license. Then finish with 8.2. Now that I have seen the emails I get it. I can go online and fix it in 5 minutes. 8.2 is immune to W10 updates. Let me know when we can get together. Very bumpy and hard to type on iPad haha
    -- Bob



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