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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Denny View Post
    OK, this helps. Also sometimes things that look the same aren't really the same. I just want you (and others) to be happy.

    Let's try to separate the dome and mount. Turn off that "Close and Park/Home ..." option which will allow us to make separate calls to the dome and the mount. I want to be sure it's not the dome that's hanging things up. It might be. In that shutdown script:

        if(Telescope.Connected) {
            Console.PrintLine("Closing Dome");
            while(Dome.ShutterStatus !== 1) {
                Console.PrintLine("ShutterStatus is " + Dome.ShutterStatus):
            Console.PrintLine("Parking scope"); 
            Telescope.Park();                   // Park the scope only
            if(Telescope.Connected) {
                Console.PrintLine("Disconnecting Scope");
                Telescope.Connected = false;
    Darn it!! I have no idea why the forum is chopping this into two Code blocks. But I want to add the highlighted code and turn off that option. NOTE!!! The same thing needs to be done in the ACP-Weather script! Are you OK with doing that? If not and this is too much let me know and I'll set up a time to make the changes and test myself or have Steve help if he can.

    Hi Bob,

    I hope AIC was excellent/enjoyable. You may remember that based on the above we split dome closure from scope parking, since my scope is safe regardless of position, and we added a console printout to show the dome status. Sure enough, after a while the dome refused to close and kept reporting a status of "1". That certainly supports that it was the dome and not the scope that was causing the issue. After that, I modified the ShutdownObs code to repeatedly send a "Close" command every 10 seconds if the dome status was still "1". For several nights things worked fine with closure on the first Close call as before. However, I have seen at least one instance in which it took three "calls" to close before closure started. After that shutdown went as normal. For now, at least I have added this call-check-repeat code to both ShutdownObs and unsafe weather routine, with an appropriate test to make sure the dome/scope are connected first. This may not be "optimal" but it seems like a way to add some safety redundancy.

    [other issue moved to new thread Weather Event During Shutdown]
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