I have a feeling this is NOT an ACP issue, but I'll post here to see if others have seen this. After no issues in quite a while, I've noticed two mornings in a row that morning Shutdown was stuck with ACP displaying "Parking." The scope WAS parked and "Parked" was indicated in APCC. The dome was open and not in the home position. Things had been stuck this way for at least 45 min. I hit "Close" in the ACP dome control window and the dome immediately went to "home" and closed properly. Once the dome reported "Closed" ACP continued with a normal Shutdown. No error message was posted in ACP. During the night ACP reported several weather related shutdowns and restarts which I assume went OK because no errors were reported and ACP didn't stall. I updated to the newest version of APCC before last night's run but I don't think that's the problem since I had a similar issue the night before. At any rate, I closed all the programs and rebooted the PC so we'll see what happens. ...off to NEAIC/NEAF in the early A.M. Hope to see you there!