Not sure this was directed at me Bob, but I am up to my armpits setting up my new Stellarvue SVX 130T and have been spending a lot of time opening and closing my roof. I am running the latest of everything. As I stated above, I had Howard come in and do a sanity check of my system and he had me put a delay into the script when opening. With the new scope I again seem to be having some problems so I increased the delay from 5 to 10s and it seems to open and lose reliably. Famous last words.

On the close, I get a "parking" progress window come up and it eventually shows parked. Then there are several anxious seconds before the roof actually closes.

I should note that with the new system I have a new NiteCrawler rotator/focuser. This was having troubles on the start and I noted that the ASCOM driver for the Nightcrawler was still running after shutdown of the previous run. I saw this with the previous Moonlite and added a line to kill the process. While checking this focuser issue I noticed that the Astrophysics application and ASCOM driver also remain running after a shutdown. It might be good scripting hygiene to close these down completely and restart them clean with each run.

I see right now mine are still running from last night.