Hi Bob,

Okay thanks. The AP V2 driver's Park() operation is synchronous so it is technically possible that it hadn't completed for some reason.

Stacey, when you get a chance could you please use APCC's log zipper to zip the log files and make those available to me via a dropbox link? Also, include your ACP log separately so that I know the approximate time to look in the logs.

BTW, I thought that the ASCOM documentation required Park() to be synchronous but I don't see that mentioned anywhere (in the current ASCOM help file). Thus, I could release a new build of the Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver with an option to make Park() operations asynchronous? This would allow ACP to start the telescope park operation and also start closing the dome before the Park() operation completes. Bob, let me know if you think that might be helpful and I will make it so.