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    Looking good, keep on going.

    Yes, it's possible to calibrate guider images. I'm not the guiding expert - never was. I believe that MaxIm has some "switches" in its setup that enable calibration for the guide camera. (I'm asserting this with zero experience!) You do have to collect separate guide camera calibration images. The main camera images will not do the trick because of the different sensor sizes. I myself don't calibrate the guide images (when I use guiding). Like all camera imaging, ACP sets up the guiding parameters (exposure time, S/N, ...) and then turns over the task of guiding to MaxIm.

    I suggest searching the forum using keywords like "offset guiding" or "off-axis guiding" or "guider calibration" for some hints (maybe). Also look at the MaxIm help files about guiding and calibration. Before ACP's guiding will work, you'll have to make sure it works well in MaxIm, calibration or not.

    I invite others on this forum with guide-image calibration experience to chime in, too.
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    Roger ó That 2011 info is a bit dated. Since then ACP does a hot-pixel removal pass over the guider image before picking a star. If you are having guider startup problems we should address that directly.

    Iíll be back full time on the 4th.
    -- Bob



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