The Windows 10 system is Pro Eric. We were told when setting up the site that plain vanilla Win 10 was not suited to remote operations.

TBH, before we took control of Windows 7 automatic updates and turned that feature off, we now only update when local support is on site, and removed the troublesome KB2952664 CEIP update, our Windows 7 Pro systems were not very reliable though we made big improvements simply by going through all of Windows scheduled tasks and configuring them to run only during the daytime, not allowing anything to run during observatory hours.

A lot depends on the interaction between OS and the computer hardware, with endless permutations it is quite impossible to say with any certainty why one system works well while another does not. The KB2952664 CEIP update was present on all five of our WIN 7 systems but one of the mounts using a Logic Supply hardened, fan-less host computer never suffered a single failure while our other four systems with conventional desktop hosts all failed when the CEIP agent ran it's monthly audit.