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    Default minimum elevation limits

    Clear skies tonight so I thought I would image M 1, the Crab.But, even though it is pretty high in the sky and I have the address right and ACP, with Maxim 6, took a beautiful centering image, the program shut down three times with the log saying "M 1 skipped: The slew coordinates are below the minimum elevation limit. Sorry, but I can't seem to know what to do. The scope is nearly straight up and it did take a good image. Where should I look? LaVor

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    Hi LaVor,

    (ACP Help, search for "elevation limit", on the left; Telescope preferences on the right.)

    Check the ACP/Preferences/Telescope tab. Make sure "Min elevation:" is set to the smallest number appropriate for your location and observing horizon. I don't know why a pointing image would have been allowed... Also, look on the ACP/Preference/Observatory tab. The "Min elevation" is inscribed in the graph as a red line. The observing horizon, which you may have drawn in, will be a black line, for comparison. The telescope has to be above the highest of either of those at any particular azimuth for an image to proceed.
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    Thanks, Dick, for the reply. Mine was set to 15, but what is crazy, is that the scope was looking at M 1 at the time. It also took a good centering image and it was about 80 degrees elevation. I'll fiddle with it and try again tonight. I've never had a problem like this before. Gremlins. If you think of anything else, please let me know. I will post tonight what happens. Thanks LaVor

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    Also the test for minimum elevation depends on the system time and latitude/longitude, so check both (system time in Windows, Lat/Long in ACP Preferences/Observatory tab).

    Thanks for helping Dick.

    PS: Your support and upgrades expired in 2016, plus we renewed you free of charge in 2015 because you had never started using it after your initial purchase in 2012. Anyway, that's why you can't see the premium sections here. It's OK we'll help you with this issue.
    -- Bob

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    Thanks Bob. Yeah, I know about the expired charge. This is the second target that I have had since I have gotten into this obsession. If I can finally get it going, my plan is to re-up again this spring. That's when I have been doing it. I do appreciate your patience. I have had a lot to learn on my own. LaVor



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