I have a Foster ROR controller board that tells a garage door opener to roll my observatory roof. An "at-park safe" loop tells the foster board when the scope is parked, and it's OK to roll the roof. The Foster board's relay is wired in parallel with a wall pushbutton to actuate the opener -- one button push or relay closure starts the opener running in the appropriate direction.

Everything has worked fine so far, but I keep thinking how bad it would be if the Foster board should fail and start the roof closing while the scope is in use. That would be a disaster! I glued two additional magnetic switches on top of the at-park switches, with the intention of wiring them in series with the Foster board and the opener wall button, so it would be impossible for a Foster board failure to actuate the opener unless the scope is parked.

Should I be this concerned? What precautions do others take to protect their scopes from roof=controller glitches?

Thanks for all advice.

--- Mike