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    Hi again, Manoj,

    I picked this problem up again and have done more investigating. I'm sorry to say that the new ASCOM switch driver will not work for the WPS7. I have been helping Joe Sardina with the same issue at his observatory, so I doubt there's some other circumstance with my specific system that's causing the failure. In both our cases, the driver will just not connect. It fails right at the top of the digitalloggerssetup.vbs script (line 24 - DLWPS.Connected = true; ). We have followed the installation instructions carefully. It's not an issue with port assignments, nor with the digitalloggerssetup.vbs script itself. The setup script call the code line DLWPS.SetupDialog(), which successfully brings up the setup dialog where the IP address, username and password are entered. Clicking OK then terminates the setup on the next statement with a connect error. Reinstalling and using the original Rowland/Benko ASCOM driver does not throw an error and runs to successful completion.

    I've attached an ASCOM Trace log from the failed connect. I'm not able to make much sense of it, but maybe you can.

    I'm not complaining. I have a driver that works. I'm not complaining about your programming. Having built my own ASCOM dome driver I, especially, know how complex the task is. And I know you changed a lot of the original driver code to accommodate what must be a significant change to the DL API. Your driver is three times bigger than the Benko driver. Somewhere along the way, the backward compatibility seems to have gotten broken. If you are able to discover what happened, and would like me to test a revised driver, I'd be happy to do that.
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