One of my astronomy friends introduced me to your product. After seeing your software on line, I wonder if I can do a full scale simulation.

Currently I’m having trouble interfacing PWI 3 & 4 with MaxIm DL for simulation. For example, after setting all the parameters (and for simulation) that I know of, slewing to a star in PWI 4 using the L mount system, I would expect the telescope to slew in MaxIm DL under its Dome tab, but don’t. Also I expect to see a star in MaxIm DL image.

For my observatory, the equipment I plan to use;

Planewave’s CDK17 telescope
Planewave’s L-500 mount
Planewave’s EFA Kit that controls IRF90 Focuser/Rotor and dew heater
FLI PL16803 CCD camera
FLI CDW5-7 filter wheel
ZWO ASI174MM guide camera (OAG)
ASH Dome’s controls

Also I’ll be interfacing these equipment via warm room 50 feet away using Digital Logger’s ProSwitch for power and an CommFront USB Hub with an UBS extender to the warm room.

And I plan to use SkyAlert for closing the dome’s shutter when bad weather approaches. I may use DHCP for ease of use, since I'll be sharing this weather station with another user.

I beleive Planewave’s EFA Kit will control the CCD camera focus with PWI 3 and FocusMax will control the focusing on the guide camera.

Also MaxIm DL has been crashing (frozen) and I expect this phenomenon is due to the 4 Gig RAM. I ordered another 4 Gig for my laptop. I plan to use the laptop (Windows 7) for initial setup and troubleshooting in the dome and switch over to a desktop in the warm room.

Also in the future (years) I would like to control everything remotely from my home.

So giving you what I plan to use and experienced, I wonder if your software can simulate all the hardware, without actually connecting the hardware.