So when weather sky metrics are recorded in the FITS header, they are often un helpful. Lets say you take a 15 minute image. How do I know WHEN the weather data recorded
in the FITS header happened? Was it at the beginning, end or middle????

What would be FAR MORE USEFUL, would be if Maxim told me the following:
Min wind speed, max wind speed, average wind speed
Now I can intelligently interpret what happened in the image.

So, for sky temp same metrics, now once again I can tell, OK, sky temp rose to -5 during the image, now I know
why the image was messed up.

These sorts of data are for more useful than the blind single number we are currently
provided. I never know what to make of them, when they were had or even if they are terribly
representative of the data I'm looking at.

Would implementing these changes be likely to happen and if so when?

If this data is in the next release I'll renew my license otherwise I don't see much here
to terribly useful for me.