Hi ACP friends, Diffraction Limited just released a new update - MaxIm DL V6.20 is available now.
(Even though I work there now, this is not intended as cheezy advertising, just letting you know).

This includes an update to the ASCOM Observing Conditions feature, with improved compatibility, and better logging and status display.

It also includes an update to the Aluma drivers and the SBIG AO control.

In MaxIm, select Help... Check For Updates.

As usual, if you have MaxIm questions or issues, we'll handle them over in the Diffraction Limited forum for registered customers:

For complete release notes please see:

If you have an Aluma camera, it includes updated DL Imaging drivers.
If you have an SBIG camera that you may have had issues with, you might want to check for firmware updates - we've done a few recently.