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    Default Need Pinpoint for Focusmax

    Hi Bob:

    Well, I was brining up my observatory after a long time and I noticed
    that FocusMax didn't work for find star.

    MaximDL was able to do a pinpoint on the image.

    In focus max it said I need the better version of pinpoint
    rather than the LE edition which came with MaximDL.

    I purchased that the better version of version of pinpoint originally,
    but I'm not sure why anymore as it was some time ago.

    I think I was using it for standalone use.

    I know at the time the image link in TheSky didn't work very well.

    I have a CD with pinpoint on it and but I think it's an antique.

    How do I move forward ?

    I'm not sure I completely need it but I expect that I may needed later if I get new copies of
    DC3 Dreams. I purchased it a long time ago and I no no longer have media.
    And I wouldn't mind having FocuseMax work properly and find a star.

    Larry Lopez

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    Hi Larry... If you have a CD then that was like 10 years ago. Our policy is that any software over 5 years old isn't eligible for renewal of support & upgrades. So you would need to go to the DC-3 Dreams Software Store, PinPoint page, and get a new PinPoint license.
    -- Bob

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    Good to hear from you Bob.

    I noticed that I purchased ACP in 2012 which is only 8 years ago.
    I noticed ACP included pinpoint license also.

    No worries.

    It was excellent to hear from you.



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