Hi Bob, Last night I was able to try the beta Owen sent me. Managed to get in a few hours before the clouds rolled in. Unfortunately, the test was not a success. I did see some subtle differences but nothing that would allow AO guiding on typical stars, those in the Mag 6-7 to 10-11 range. I've posted the results, with logs an images, on the Diffraction MDL Forum.

I tried three tests using different guidestars - Mag 5,80, 4,09 and 6.85. Using the dimmer stars the Total Counts would quickly drop to 0 and the AO Status window follow quickly showing GSF.

AO tracking was successful when I used the very bright Mag 4.09 guidestar. I was able to complete a 60 second main chip image. Even at the 0.05 second guider image setting I believe the chip was saturated. The interesting thing was the Total Counts bounced back and forth from 100k+ x 100k+ down to 0 x 100k+ and then back up again. The Status window would briefly show the messages AO Tracking and then Guide Star Fade also back and forth. Ultimately, I completed a 60 sec main chip image on this run.

I would like to gather some additional data, looks good for this evening. I think it would be good to add the delay you used during our TeamViewer session. It might be helpful to log some runs where there is a distinct separation of the start of AO guiding from the start of the main chip image.

What I need from you is the file name of the script and where to insert the delay.