I upgraded to ACP8.2 (from ACP8.0) and to MaximDL6.20 a few days ago, and I am getting the following error for every script which I am running (e.g., AutoFocus.vbs, AutoFlats.vbs, FindLostScope.vbs, etc.):

Initializing AcquireSupport V8.2.10
Weather safe, server is Boltwood Cloud Sensor II
Telescope is ACP->LXP, driver V1
Dome is Digital DomeWorks
MaxIm DL is version 6.20
Imager is QSI Universal
Using focus offsets and star mags from FilterInfo.txt
Selecting filter clearx from previous ACP run at 20190425@205438 UTC
Imager readout modes:
0 is Use Adv Dialog
1 is Image Quality
2 is Fast Readout
Guider is SBIG Universal (no rotator)
Guider plate scale unknown, guided dither with guider pixels
Max unguided exposure 60 sec.
(assuring that FocusMax is running now...)
Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0.89 V = 0.89
Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 49.1 V = 37.0
Plate solving with GSC 1.1 (ok for wider fields)
**Script Error**
Source: ACP Telescope Controller
Message: Property Get CanSetRightAscensionRate is not implemented. The selected telescope's driver is ASCOM V1

I have no idea what that message means. We are using a custom made telescope mount that runs FS2 as the telescope drive unit and it is defined in ACP with the ASCOM driver "Generic LX200 Protocol Telescope". The FS2 does not have the ability to stop the tracking of the telescope (telescope is continuously tracking as long as the FS2 is powered). We are using ACP on that telescope for more than 15 years and I do not recall that we ever had such a problem before.

Any help to solve that issue will be appreciated.