Hello -- OK I found the license for Xing Gao. He gave us an email address of webmaster@xjltp.com but our system will not accept such addresses ("webmaster') for contact person. We tried to contact him at another address "jose*******tung@gmal.com but no one responded. Also the support contract for that license ran out almost 3 years ago. This is why you cannot see the support sections here.

I can try to help you once. Please stay on 8.1. This "occasional" error may be related to MaxIm DL. Considerable work has been done on MaxIm DL between 6.08 and 6.19. You may try turning off the "camera in separate thread" in MaxIm DL. I searched and found two discussions on this "out of memory" from 2015 and both were using MaxIm 6.08. You can't see these threads because your support is expired. My suggestion: First upgrade to MaxIm DL 6.19. That may solve the problem.