Dear Bob,

I am a user of the program of ACP. However, recently, it can show up the error of "Image error: out of memory" sometimes. I don't know whether other users have met the similar situation, and I don't know how to deal with it either.

I have already tried the ACP version of 8.0, 8.1, together the MDL version from 5.21 to 6.08, but it seemed that all of these cannot help. This error raises up irregularly, and always shows up from time to time after running half of the whole night. Personally, I think it is the problem of memory overflow when the shoot ends while the MDL is making the preview picture.

Could you tell me how to avoid this kind of error? And the log documents are as following.

Thanks a lot.

14:57:10 Target is now centered.
14:57:12 [flip check: Tn=600s HAc=-21393s GW=F HAz=-20678s DWz=F WF=no]
14:57:12 (long exp(s) or requested, no orbital tracking, trying to autoguide)
14:57:12 Switching from L to G filter for imaging
14:57:12 No focus change required
14:57:12 (take guider image at initial interval 5 sec)
14:57:31 (guide star SNR=52.4 X=961 Y=857)
14:57:31 (first exposure estimate 1 sec)
14:57:36 (guide star SNR=25.4 X=962 Y=858)
14:57:36 (final exposure for guiding 1 sec)
14:57:40 (guide star SNR=17.5 X=961 Y=858)
14:57:44 (autoguiding at 1.00 sec.)
14:57:44 === Place in plan ===
14:57:44 Set 1 of 1
14:57:44 Target is "M 81" (4 of 4)
14:57:44 Repeat 1 of 12 for this target
14:57:44 Filter G (1 of 1)
14:57:44 Image 1 of 1 for this filter
14:57:44 Imaging to M 81-S001-R001-C001-G
14:57:44 (taking 300 sec. exposure, G filter, binning = 1)
14:57:45 (ex=0.22 ey=0.27)
14:57:45 (guider check OK)
14:57:51 (starting exposure)
15:02:54 (exposure complete)
15:02:56 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
15:02:57 Image finished
15:41:23 **Imaging error: Out of Memory
15:42:13 (stopping the autoguider)
15:42:14 (turning tracking off for safety)
15:42:15 End of run.
ACP console log closed 08-Jan-2019 15:42:15 UTC