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    Default Scheduler and Dome tests



    I had a chance to run Scheduler this evening. For the data I've attached, it was still light out, so the actual work of focusing and starting the first run had not begun. It's actually not very good weather in fact - but it's not raining or snowing!!

    Things went along just fine at startup. Scheduler started up the observatory in unsafe weather (wind). I adjusted the Clarity Setup to make the wind "calm." The dome opened as it should. I was testing dome opening and closing by changing the "wind" event thresholds. This worked well. I do have a question about this, but on the whole I didn't see anything go wrong I couldn't explain. The ACP Preference for weather minimum wait time was 1 minute, with Scheduler's set to 0 minutes delay. I wanted to make this testing go along pretty quickly without have a ten minute wait for changes to calm to be acknowledged.

    What went wrong was this: In addition to my triggering weather events, I didn't set those Clarity thresholds accurately enough. Plus, the one-minute weather minimum unsafe time was too short. Thus there occurred several REAL weather (wind) events that forced closing the dome. One in particular was when the dome was opening after I had changed the threshold to allow it to be "calm." I've attached the Scheduler log file, the BoltwoodTrace file, an image of the ACP control panel, my ASCOM DomeTrace file, and my ACP-Weather script. In the logs, you can compare the times directly.

    This first time this spurious (real) wind event occurred while the dome was opening, the ACP Control panel log (image) shows a shutter error. You can see the reported time, and you can check against that time in the Boltwood and Scheduler log files. However, the dome was actually closed (gray DOME) when I looked about two minutes later, so it may be that the opening completed and the closing then proceeded. I don't know. Also, this action didn't kill the Scheduler, which surprised me. I seem to remember similar issues I had in November where it did, but those memories are fading fast. I was able to continue toggling the weather thresholds, and Scheduler opened and closed the dome as required. By the way this is using the 3-second scheduler.exe file, not the 30-second one you provided before.


    So, regarding the console message "**SHUTTER FAILED TO CLOSE! This is....", is there something I should do in the driver or ACP-Weather script to mitigate this? I think that this would actually not happen in practice; I think this was caused by the particular choices I had made for thresholds and setting the wait time to only one minute for my tests. Although, a command to CLOSE should be respected immediately even if it occurs at a time while the dome is opening. I actually believe the dome was open, not opening, when the call to close the dome came it. I will check the driver to see that I provided the right ShutterStatus.

    I noted (Scheduler.log at 21:36:41.3) 30 seconds elapsed from opening the dome, which takes only ten seconds, to the "startup succeeded" message. The weather event occurred during that second 20-second interval. Where is that extra 20 seconds spent? If this could really be only the ten seconds needed, that would have mitigated the error describe above.

    Totally overcast now, with a poor forecast. So I'm shutting down. This was a good test, and I will keep going on to real observing next chance I get.

    PS Your Forum site went down(??) about 23:15 UT when I was trying to post this message. Got his error:

    Resource Limit Is Reached
    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.
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