The laptop is on Win 7 Pro. It took > 400 exposures the previous night without a single error. It was (yet again) the next morning's Windows Update that trashed my remote laptop that has worked for 4 years. Nothing has changed except Microsoft's new corporate policy of intentional hostility and blithering cluelessness.

None of this matters. Microsoft went right into my PC and trashed it--again. It seems I have been betrayed by a company I've done personal business with for 33 years. And my only response to betrayal is excommunication from my life in the absolute.

First, and much as one might treat other life-changing betrayals, I will give this a bit of time. Sometimes, something clever arises out of peripheral vision. But if by the end of January nothing has changed, with all respect Dick, I certainly can and will give up on astronomy, sell the stuff, and never really even remember it.