I'm continue to have problems with my camera. Sometimes MaxIm won't download an image after an exposure, and gets stuck at "Reading." I bought a new active USB 3.0 cable, and have tied-down all the cables to the camera so there is no way any strain is placed on the connectors during mount movement or camera rotation.

The only thing I can figure is that something in the camera is affected when the Pyxis rotates the camera. Vibration, maybe? Perhaps it's time to open up the camera and apply some conformal coating to all the electronics, like I used to do for some mil-spec stuff I built years ago.

The problem has occurred twice on the first exposure after the meridian flip. So I'm thinking I will not rotate the camera 180 degrees after the flip.

Question: If I do not rotate the camera after the flip, will ACP frame my target so it matches the east images, only upside-down?

If so, I'll omit the post-flip rotation, and rotate the west-side images during processing.

Thanks for any information on this.

--- Mike