Hi LaVor. Don't tell me about SNOW :-( I'm sick of it, and grey skies too. ha ha.
There's a few ways to tackle this sort of thing.
First off, details - need to know what all you have for a setup, e.g. what mount (Astro-Physics, Paramount MEII, Planewave L500, etc.), camera, guider setup (eg self guiding filter wheel, separate guide scope, Adaptive Optics unit, dichroic or off-axis guider, whatever), rotator, focuser and version of MaxIm (E.g. 6.20), using ASCOM Direct Guide or Guider Relays or what.
Next thing to try is to get MaxIm to guide properly outside of ACP, on its own. That will help shake out things. If you have an AO, turn that off in MaxIm, get basic guiding going. Once that works, enable AO again.
Make sure you get a nice big red L when calibrating the guider. Some folks don't realize that the bigger the star motion across the sensor area, the more precise the guider calibration will be.

Once you have that all good, then back into ACP to get it going.
A couple suggestions in MaxIm -
Turn on the capture of Guider Cal and Tracking images. It's on the Camera Control, Guide tab, [>] Options, down near the bottom, there are two lines.
That way we can look at some guider images.
The other thing is look at the MaxIm log window, to see what is happening there.
Attach logs, and go from there.
We could handle this over on the https://forum.diffractionlimited.com/ in more detail if need be.

After that, we'd want a look at your ACP logs.