I am running ACP with Scheduler. I am using PWI from Planewave for autofocusing. During my runs, Maxim is using 1MHz readout mode on an FLI PL6803. There is an 8MHz readout mode it could/should be using. I have an RoModeInfo file which has

; Sample RoModeInfo.txt
; Change the xxxxxx, yyyyyy, and zzzzzz below to the actual names of the
; readout modes you want to use for normal, fast, and flat, respectively.
Normal = 1 MHz
Fast = 8 MHz
Flat = 1 MHz

I see the in the log file

01:55:28 Imager readout modes:
01:55:28 0 is 8 MHz
01:55:28 1 is 8 MHz (RBI Flood)
01:55:28 2 is 1 MHz
01:55:28 3 is 1 MHz (RBI Flood)
01:55:28 Using Normal and Fast readout modes from RoModeInfo.txt
01:55:28 Normal mode is 1 MHz
01:55:28 Fast mode is 8 MHz
01:55:28 Autoflat mode is 1 MHz

It uses 8 MHz mode for pointing corrections, but during focus it is using 1 MHz mode. How can I get ACP to use 8 MHz mode during auto focus?