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Steve would be the person to ask. I think the RoboFocus is pretty old and imprecise. Also I don't know the status of the ASCOM driver. But again I would ask Steve Brady!
You were right:

There should no problem using RoboFocus with FocusMax as Technical Innovations does provide an ASCOM compliant driver. I use RoboFocus on my custom built sled focuser on my 10 f/7 Newtonian in which the motor is connected to a micrometer that moves the stage up and down the tube.

The downside of connecting to the focus knob on the SCT is non-linear movement of the mirror (mirror flop) which is common during cold nights when the grease becomes too viscous. This may or may not be a problem depending on where you live.

My response:

Thanks Steve, hard to believe but the holes for the Meade are virtually the same as for the C8.... a little filing. I attached everything and the focuser is moving in and out.... I can see there will be some backlash/slack in the gearing from just eyeballing the system.

I went out to the TI site and it is a bit of an archeological dig. I had the old drivers Robofocus (3.09) and RoboFocus server (5.2.0a) circa 2014 and saw nothing newer. They installed.

I configured FM to Comm1- done on a PC with real serial ports. Their driver only went up to 9. Remarkably it all worked! Can jog RoboFocus from within FM.
I think I am good to go. I see there are a lot of setting for backlash etc... Do we just run V-curves like always, or are there any special gotcha... will be working with ACP.

PS Will cross-post this over at DC3 Dreams.