I am having problems with acquireimage. The ACP log is below from an acquireimage run. At the end it switches to 2x2 binning to do a plate solve. I changed the plate solve parameter in FocusMax to 1 but this appears to be done by ACP, not FocusMax. The problem is that I have a new FLI Kepler which does not support binning and the drivers crashes at this point. Do you have any idea where I can go in ACP to force it not to bin for plate solves?

I changed the plate solve bin parameter in FocusMax to 1 but that made no difference.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Starting run for plan Andromeda m31 LRGB.txt...
Autofocus will be done every 45 min.
==== Starting target Andromeda M31 ====
; --------------------------------------------
; This plan was generated by ACP Planner 4.2.6
; --------------------------------------------
; For: Michael Bushell
; Location: Deep Sky West
; Coords: Lat = 35 19' 12" Lon = 105 43' 12"
; Targets: 1
; NOTE: Timing features are disabled
; ---------------------------------------------
; === Target M 31 ===
(turning tracking on for live image(s))
Start slew to Andromeda M31...
(wait for slew to complete)
(slew complete)
(request plan-start pointing update)
Ready for Andromeda M31 (# 1 of 1 in set 1)
Andromeda M31 will be repeated 600 times.
Andromeda M31 specifies 4 sets of images.
=== Starting target repeat 1 of 600 ===
=== Starting filter group 1 of 4 ===
Selecting Luminance filter (3) for imaging
Do requested auto-focus...
[flip check: Tn=600s HAc=-10114s GW=F HAz=-9514s DWz=F WF=no]
Search 15 deg-square area for possible stars
Looking for stars between mags 6 and 9
Found mag 6.0 star, GSC 2807-2079; nothing within 477 arcsec.
Star J2000 coordinates RA=01:02:54 Dec=41 20' 43"
Using star at mag 6.0. Slew to star.
Start slew to AutoFocus...
(wait for slew to complete)
(slew complete)
Updating pointing...
(taking 30 sec. exposure, Luminance filter, binning = 2)
(starting exposure)