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    Default ACP: Run-time Error 6 Overflow at Noon - WeatherWatcher bug


    ACP has been crashing with the display of a dialog box entitled "ACP" with the contents "Run-time Error 6 Overflow" and an "OK" button. See attached screenshot. This tends to happen in the middle of the day (i.e., not observing), but has happened at night too, possibly when there is a weather safe event, but that is hard to verify. I notice because the ACP webpage display on my home computer is just raw text. See attached .txt file. Other posts suggest this is a hardware problem, maybe USB to my weather sensor, a Foster Systems AstroAlert V(4)+? As far as the environment goes, I tend to keep up with the latest Windows 10 updates. It looks like I am behind on ASCOM -- 6.3. I can update if that might provide a fix.

    Thanks in advance for any hints.

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