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    Default Maxim DL crashes when ACP startup script terminates.

    As the title states Maxim DL V6 crashes when my ACP startup script terminates. Up till now I have had no problems starting the observatory via script. I am now dealing with two variables that have changed very recently. I just purchased an Aluma 3200 with the self guiding filter wheel to replace my failing ST-10XME. I had to replace my Maxim DL V5 with V6 in order to support the new camera. The only change to the startup script was to start Maxim V6 instead of V5.

    I originally thought the problem was turning on the camera cooler since that was the last action in the script. I put in a significant delay as the end of the script to verify that but while the delay occurs the camera starts to cool down and everything has the appearance of success. When the script terminates Maxim goes down.

    If I comment out the 'Util.CameraConnected = true' line and the associated cooling lines, the script runs to termination and everything is fine. I can then use the ACP Camera pulldown menu and connect successfully and start the cooldown via the Maxim control. Everything appears to work fine manually, its just startup via script that is having a problem. This all runs on a Windows 7 machine. Attached is a copy of the startup script, the startup logs and Maxim logs. There are copies for when the camera was attached and when the camera is not attached.
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