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    Default FocusMax Focuser Setting Hellp?

    New computer and new focus controller. FMx v4 and new Pegasus focus controlling old RoboFocus controller. Everything connects via ascom, but not getting a VCurve training done. So few clear nights. Wondering if anyone can see error in log from FMx?


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    Hi Bill,

    I think the error "message" means that FocusMax would like to be able to move the focuser to position 70-something on the part of the curve after you've gone through "zero," similar to where it started. Does that makes sense?

    What you need to do, is set the focuser's position to the midpoint of it's travel extremes. Looking at your data, I'm guessing the travel range is about 2800 counts? So set the focuser to 1400, and then manually focus the telescope as best you can. Then run the VCurve again.

    It's complaining that the end points have HFD's widely different (77 vs 35). It doesn't matter that you can't get to 70's on both ends. 40's (or whatever) would be okay if it was the same at both ends of the run.
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