I see in the Planner docs that the FOVI/camera position angle is not transferred go Planner
Woah! Where did you see that? I need to fix it :-)

If you use TheSky Plan Capture applet, the Add Target from FOVI" definitely creates a target in Planner with both the J2000 RA/Dec and also the Position Angle from the FOVI filled in. I'm unsure how it's possible that you aren't seeing this? Maybe TheSky's scripting interface hasn't yet been registered? If that were true, however, the Sky Plan Capture applet would not have even been installed. Shut down Planner, TheSky Plan Capture, and TheSky. Now start TheSky Plan Capture. Does Planner auto-start? Does TheSKy auto-start? Now capture from FOVI. Edit the resulting target in Planner. DO you not see the RA/Dec/PA?