Hi Bob, Stephanie and all,

I am thrilled to announce that ACP will soon orchestrate the new imaging rig that two friends and I have just set up.
It consists in a 14" RC OTA from Astrosib sitting on a 10micron GM3000HPS mount with a SBIG STX16803 CCD camera.
This rig is hosted in an observatory in Southern Spain, with e-Eye (https://www.entreencinasyestrellas.es/en/en-home/) which already is home to about 50 telescopes of all kinds and sizes.

As a happy individual user of ACP for several years with my own rig, I looked nowhere else when the time came to decide which automation solution to use for this new setup.
We purchased today a licence with internet access in order to share it with my friends (they both live in France and I live in Canada).

I cannot wait to get ACP fully fonctional and to start imaging under the beautiful Spanish skies!

Thanks Bob for your great product and unrivaled customer service!

HRT observatory, Fregenal de la Sierra)