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    Hey Bob! I *think* I have figured out the issue. I went back and opened an older saved profile of Maxim. It worked, no hangups. I had to reload all the camera data, but that seems to have solved the sticking issue. I had to redo all my V curves for FocusMax. It wouldn't take the old ones. Right now I'm imaging an all night session on NGC 7331. Weather is perfect....cold and clear. Targeting and focus are working very well atm. I've done several test runs with 60 sec exposures just to see if everything's working...I'm going to let it image for 6 hrs and check in the morning.

    Edit: It's on sub #5, still going strong.

    ACP finished all 48 subs and shut down. I will check the data later today, but so far everything looks good.
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