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    Default Changing Readout Mode During Plate Solving

    I am using a Nikon D5300 SLR for imaging, and find that when I use "Raw Color" as the readout mode in Maxim DL I get respectable results, but if I use "Raw Monochrome", the results are very noisy. This is generally not a problem, as I am using planning scripts with "#READOUTMODE RAW COLOR". However, when ACP plate solves prior to imaging, Maxim defaults back to "Raw Monochrome", and the extra noise seems to confuse the plate solving process. I've tried setting the default readout mode in Maxim to "Raw Color", but ACP seems to be requesting "Raw Monochrome" every time it plate solves. Is there a way to change the readout mode from the planning script during ACP plate solving?

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    Hello Jeff — I am traveling so I can’t provide a “map” to the info, but look in ACP Help on how to control Readout Modes for “normal” operations. The ROModeInfo.txt configuration file contains instructions on which readout mode to use for plate solving (pointing updates) and for focusing, as well as “normal” images. You need to create this file. It might turn out that, after doing so, you can avoid the need for #readoutmode directives in your ACP Plans, if you always use the same mode for final images.
    -- Bob

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    Thanks, Bob. I think that will do the trick. I'll give it a try!



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