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    Default What Happened to My Message?

    Several hours ago I sent a message to Bob Denny through this Communications Center about troubles I was having trying to update my version of PinPoint after extending my subscription by 4 years. I also had a question why Maxim DL could not find the TABLES folder under C:\GSC11 when it is right there, together with the gsc folder. I could find no place to start a new thread in the support for subscribers forum partition, so I did so via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page. I requested that my message be saved in my sent box.

    I have checked repeatedly for an acknowledgement that I submitted a request (none), for a response (none), and I've checked my sent folder (nothing there). What gives???

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    The Private Message function is supposed to be completely disabled. I did this because it would be just another form of personal email to me, and we handle all tech support through the Forums here. I apologize for your frustration. It has been ages since I looked at the forum settings here, so I will go back and review them to prevent future frustration.

    Also I try to visit here at least once or twice a day (and usually for an hour plus each time :-)), but I also have other responsibilities, so it may be several hours to a day (depending on the time you post a thread) before I can respond. The good news is that there are hundreds of fellow ACP and PinPoint users on here and you may get a helpful answer from one of them before I see your post.

    I'll be happy to help you with both issues. Please post a thread into the PinPoint and Visual PinPoint Forum, and describe what troubles you are having updating PinPoint. Also, there is a catalog checker in the PinPoint section of your Windows Start Menu. Fire it up and do a check of the GSC with that. My guess is that you might have pointed MaxIm to C:\GSC11\gsc, and TABLES is at C:\GSC11\TABLES. In this case the correct path for MaxIm is C:\GSC11. The catalog, as originally distributed, consists of both the gsc and TABLES folders so the path must be to the parent of both folders.
    -- Bob



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