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    In light of having trouble posting a long message on this forum (, I thought I'd try a very simple, one-sentence message.

    EDIT: This worked, so there's obviously a problem with the content of the message I was trying to post.
    EDIT: I found the problem. Don't know if vBulletin can be "fixed." See the referenced message
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    Yes I get problems once in a while. The worst for me is (and this seems relatively new with later Chrome versions) is highlighting a word or phrase then trying to "type to replace". Nothing happens! Then you can't delete the word manually as the cursor has vaporized!

    Very rarely it will come up with a blank message when I try to edit it. Also, if you link to another post (which you have been doing) Chrome will sometimes report a "cross-site scripting" error which is false. Some year I will convert this to the latest version. The last time I did it was a total mess and took me 5 days to recover. Gun shy!! I can't switch forum services though, I would lose all of the back links from the Gemini tickets. That would be tragic.
    -- Bob



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