I'm sure that some of you have experienced "occasional" frustrations with the Comm Center. Forbidden trying to post, blank editor when trying to edit an existing message, inability to type-to-replace a selected word or phrase, even refusal of a message with "new_ActiveXObject" in it (without the _). I know about this stuff and am seeking solutions. My current theory is that the service bureau that hosts the Comm Center has updated their PHP engine and that has caused some incompatibility issues. I have a ticket in with them to roll back the PHP.

The real solution is to upgrade the Comm Center to the latest version of vBulletin. I am also looking into that. It will cause a change to the look and feel but it's time anyway. The newest version is really nice. It could be a huge job, and may need to wait till after the release of Expert 8.2. On the other hand, the vBUlletin CLoud looks very interesting. If they can import my existing database so that the links to the existing messages won't change (I can transfer my domain name) then I'm in!

Just be aware that I know about it, and I hit the boiling point this morning ha ha.