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    I ran again last night and these are the results.

    1. I uploaded the log file.
    2. I got guiding running. It was the settings in Maxim that were the issue. This is good news.
    3. I am puzzled about the initial changes in the rotator. I am used to the rotator coming to the correct position and that is it for the entire run. As I watched the start of the run, the rotator came to the correct position and then had to rotate again for the focus run and again when it went back to the target.
    4. There were three different orientations for last nights subs. I have uploaded an example of each. I thinks these are occurring during the periodic focus runs. If this is an issue with the rotator or the mount, I can have Sam or Evan check on it today. If you can give me some guidance that would be helpful.

    I am available most times today. Let me know what would be best for you.


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