Thanks Bob,

I had Evan go to the mount to check for any cable problems. All looked good to him. I also exercised the rotator and set it back to zero. Your test file is downloaded. How do I run it from the ACP main window? It is odd that the rotator might be the problem. It has been operating perfectly for the past year. And I am still not grasping why ACP put the rotator in a different orientation each time it focused. The first position was the one that I planned in Guide9.

I watched the guider image. There were plenty of decent guide stars. The issue was the guiding itself. On the guide Graph window both the X and Y axis seemed to plateau above and below the zero axis.Guider Graph.jpg and didn't look like they were returning to zero or like the signals sent to the mount were having any effect. I don't understand that behavior. And it's not like anything I have seen with other mounts.

I will be trying the same target tonight. The fun begins around 8:30. You are certainly welcome to join.