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    Default First run with imaging script - Outstanding issues


    Last night was the first time I ran an imaging script (uploaded). The target was NGC6992, part of the Veil complex. There are several issues that I still need to resolve.

    1. In the initial focus run, the first exposure is 30 sec. I am more used to a short exposure to determine the bright star.
    2. In the initial GoTo, the rotator is adjusted to the position in the script. When is focuses after that, the rotator is moving again. I have not seen that before.
    3. I can't get the guider to work properly. I ran the guider adjustment script, but it will not guide as expected. So this run was done unguided.
    4. The most puzzling thing is that when the script calls for another focus, the guider once again rotates to some position or another. That means that every 90 minutes I get a new field rotation, not the one called for in the script. The result is that I have three different rotation angles in my subs. I have uploaded an example of each.
    5. I also uploaded the log file.

    These are probably simple changes and I would appreciate it if you could login and show me what to do. Thanks in advance.

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