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    Default Update from last night's run


    I ran last night on the same target VdB152. Here are the results.

    1. The script moved the rotator once and then a second time with a short correction.
    2. the focus went fine.
    3. Before I started the script, I did another guider calibration.
    4. The script ran to the point of guiding. That did not work. One axis went completely of the scale and kept going. I started over, ran a new guider calibration, started the script with the same results. At that point, I aborted the script.
    5. In the end, I just ran directly from Maxim, after doing a guider calibration in Maxim. That ran fine all night.
    6. Those subs turned out to be rotated from the original FOV from the earlier runs before the change was made in the Gemini setup. The stack from last night is angled about 45 degrees from what I set up in the script and from the image I sent you yesterday. there still appears to be an issue with the rotator I don't understand.

    Of course I have uploaded the logs from last night.

    Autofocus filter selection: I have run the filter offset script multiple times. It seems to go through the filters over and over and never comes to an end. This morning it ran for two hours and finally I had to abort it when it got light. Focus still uses individual filter focus rather than offsets. Please advise on what the issue is here.


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