I left a message for Jeff, he was on another support call. It must have been a tough one since he didn't call me back before dinner their time ha ha.

The first log shows the guider miss, followed by a pointing update which corrects the rotation and then the guide star is there, and the guider starts OK:

05:45:29 **Autoguiding failed.
05:45:29 Doing pointing update to assure guide star on internal/OAG chip
05:45:29 Doing auto-center...
05:45:29 Switching from H to L filter for pointing exposure
05:45:52 Imager sky position angle is 21.4 deg.
05:45:52 Rotator mech. position angle is 245.7 deg.
05:45:52 Within max error tolerance, no re-slew needed.
05:45:52 PA error of 26.6 deg. detected. Correcting...
05:45:52 Start rotate to PA 48.0 deg (raw rotator angle 272.3)
05:45:52 (wait for rotator)
05:46:10 (rotation complete)
05:46:10 Target is now centered.

05:46:10 (take guider image at initial interval 5 sec)
05:46:26 (guide star SNR=32.2 X=282 Y=312)
05:46:37 Guide angle is 133.9 deg.
05:47:12 (autoguiding at 3.00 sec.)
05:47:12 (guided dither - moving guide star dx=-2.4 dy=-2.1 guider pixels
05:47:22 (ex=0.50 ey=1.50)
05:47:22 (guider error n/a or too high, try #1)
05:47:34 (ex=2.84 ey=0.06)
05:47:34 (guider error n/a or too high, try #2)
05:47:46 (ex=1.07 ey=1.63)
05:47:46 (guider error n/a or too high, try #3)
05:47:57 (ex=0.32 ey=1.20)
05:47:57 (guider error n/a or too high, try #4)
05:48:09 (ex=0.44 ey=0.18)
05:48:09 (guided dither, 1 good cycles)
05:48:21 (ex=0.06 ey=0.21)
05:48:21 (guided dither, 2 good cycles)
05:48:28 (ex=0.30 ey=0.28)
05:48:28 (guided dither, 3 good cycles)
05:48:35 (ex=0.18 ey=0.07)
05:48:35 (guided dither, 4 good cycles)
05:48:42 (ex=0.01 ey=0.16)
05:48:42 (guided dither, 5 good cycles)
05:48:42 (guider check OK)

The fact that it takes 4 tries after the step-input to the guider is completely normal. ACP will wait for 5 good guide cycles (below the max guiding error you set) in a row before starting the image. Anyway it's pretty cool that ACP will do a pointing update after failing to start the guider if you have an off-axis or internal guider. It saved the guiding this time.

I am more worried about the end of the log. It looks like something froze the system up. The log ends part way through a line indicating that ACP terminated abnormally. Can you tell me more about the conditions at the time you saw this.

On the second log there are multiple huge misses by the rotator. Maybe that's what you're seeing, ACP correcting for missed rotations.

09:17:43 PA error of 108.4 deg. detected. Correcting...
09:17:43 Start rotate to PA 48.0 deg (raw rotator angle 74.3)
09:25:34 PA error of 143.1 deg. detected. Correcting...
09:25:34 Start rotate to PA 48.0 deg (raw rotator angle 291.2)
11:36:58 PA error of 149.1 deg. detected. Correcting...
11:36:58 Start rotate to PA 48.0 deg (raw rotator angle 154.8)

I'd say the rotation problem is getting worse. I would really have someone check closely that your camera isn't loose and getting looser. I'd hate to see it fall out and hit the floor.

Around dawn, it looks like it was trying to start the guider and had trouble even after it corrected the rotation. It looks like you killed the run? Maybe it was getting light?