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    Bob, this is an update from last night's run.

    1. The script seemed to run, at least in the beginning. It ended about 24 subs in for no reason I could see. I restarted the script and collected another 18 subs.
    2. We are guiding, although it's a bit rough. There must be some settings that need adjusting.
    3. Field rotation is still an issue. Over the course of the evening I got three rotation angles in my subs, as before. there is still an issue here.
    4. ACP is activating the rotator three times during script startup. I have not seen that before using this new setup.
    5. I uploaded the logs from last night.

    Jeff from Optec says his rotator expert will .be in today and will take a look at the thread and see if he can add some insight into what is going on.

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