Why doesn't ACP park the scope and/or stop tracking
If you add a #shutdown directive to your plan it will park it. It always stops tracking when it's not doing anything. Otherwise it leaves your scope ready for further work.

Why would it not know where it's pointing if i submit the target again?
ACP knows exactly where the object is: at the coordinates in your observing plan. However, when it tells your scope to slew to the target, your scope is missing it. 80 minutes is a large error. That's why it's all-sky solving. Even after it is synced, is it doing this? Try turning OFF the ACP pointing corrector.

Does ACP honor the mount limits i have set via the Gemini hand controller?
ACP has no idea about all of the limits in the controller. However it does have settings for flipping and for minimum elevation above the horizon. It will honor them but gain it has no clue about the myriad of flip settings in the Gemini. Better people than I have tried to get things right on the Gemini and I confess to have been buffaloed by it. I'm not saying it's impossible, just that it is complicated and confusion prone. Mainly you have to set it to flip at the meridian (remember, a scope never flips while it is tracking, only when it is slewed!)

Can I use the ACP Planner without Starry Night or The Sky?
Yes. Right click to add targets.

How can i see the web interface from my iPhone so i can monitor the run. i'd like to see how this works.
Big question: