Well last Friday afternoon a couple of large boxes arrived from NexDome. Had walls up Friday night and the dome on by Saturday. Had the rotation and shutter motors turning Sunday. Needless to say this project was why I missed Bob's live show Saturday night. The original firmware and ascom driver were fine for calibration and testing but not ready for client use. Fortunately the Nexdome community has dedicated coders and I am thrilled to report that github has a very nice set of softwares for the rotator, shutter, with associated ascom driver. I have found things to be very solid while playing with ACP over the last few days! Of course it's raining like crazy here in Texas (good thing really) so I've just taken advantage of dry periods day and night for ACP to drive the mount/dome around. Seems quite robust so far. The softwares will continue to develop but from what I see the new R&R Eagle Observatory here in north Texas the dome is ACP-happy. I wanted to let the forum know that NexDome is at this point easily functional. The software aspects came together much more quickly than I thought.