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    Default ACP Presales question

    Hi Bob, Stephanie created an account for me and asked me to post my followup question to you here.

    Thread was as follows...

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the response. So if I were to add the ASCOM layer, does ACP work with TSX or only MaxiumDL?


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    On Aug 19, 2018, at 2:33 PM, Robert B. Denny <> wrote:

    Hi Randy --

    ACP is a modular system and ASCOM is the glue. I understand your concern, but actually a modular system is easier to troubleshoot than a single monolithic application. The modules allow localizing the problem in many cases. Given your objectives, you should continue to use the TSX program. Thanks for your inquiry though!

    -- Bob

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    Thanks for asking Randy -- ACP works only with MaxIm DL. TSX is a great program doesn’t have the needed programming interface functionality for ACP. Meanwhile, we have worked closely with SBIG/Diffraction for 18 years and they have added API calls and features for us along the way. There have been some rocky times for some small segments of our customers, particularly for a while after SBIG went out of business and was picked up by Diffraction. Both our recent and our overall experience has been excellent.

    -- Bob
    -- Bob



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