I got 'hold of you a bit ago and we'll talk next week I think!

I'm not sure what we'll talk about. The real problem I'm trying to get around is that I have no working ASCOM driver for the AstroHaven dome.
This is something I have no info on. I don't know anything about AstroHaven, and I don't know how people get them to work with ACP I'm sorry to say. However I do know the guy who set up the Great Basin Observatory and the College of the Desert, both of which have giant AstroHaven domes. I will contact him and see how he did it. Personally I think it's strange that you can't call AstroHaven and get an answer but I have beaten that one to death with the people there.

My reason to talk to you was relating to the Boltwood weather and how to set it up for safe/unsafe. Do you still need help with that?