Hi Bob, I have a new cell phone number with a 607 area code, and no land line anymore. -3327 is no longer mine. Did it ask to leave a voice mail? I sent you an email on April 24th, after NEAF, with the new number. I just resent that same one to you.

I'm not sure what we'll talk about. The real problem I'm trying to get around is that I have no working ASCOM driver for the AstroHaven dome. Do others who have these domes and use ACP have homebrew drivers? I can open and close the dome via a serial port and a "terminal" program, but not otherwise. So in ACP preferences when I enable, for example, Meunier's ASCOM driver for the dome, and then connect the telescope, the dome does nothing. (In preferences "Automatically open dome on first connect" is checked.) If I then open the Dome panel in the console, I can press "open" but nothing happens. I think it's clear that AstroHaven changed their protocol since the Meunier driver was written.

I just don't know how to get past this. I have to open and close the dome manually. And that's not a problem except I do want rely on the weather alerts to open and close the dome. Which is why I was poring over the Boltwood file!

Maybe I *am* very confused about how this is supposed to work.