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    Default AstroHaven Control

    Hi Bob,

    Anticipating that someday I'll be able to get my AstroHaven dome to respond automatically to weather events, in the meantime I've been running the ClarityII sensor and examining and comparing the BoltwoodFileTrace.log and corresponding BoltwoodFile.wsc code file (in your Weather Components folder), trying to tune the reported conditions to the actual conditions. I have a few questions and comments.

    I've attached five images: the Clarity app view, an ACP console view alerting a Very Windy condition, a snippet of the BoltwoodFile.wsc code, a portion of the trace log, and the whole trace log file corresponding (at the end) to this same alert.

    - Last, first. In the code file, I see at lines 635-638 the flags corresponding to clouds, wind, rain and daylight. These are parsed as bits(15-18). They are interpreted in the software correctly corrsponding to the Boltwood app. But up at line 605 the alert condition is bits(20) and not bits(19). Bits(19) would be the fifth number following the other four. This seems to be working correctly, too, so I'm don't know where my thinking has gone. I just wanted to point this out.

    - Near the top of the BoltwoodFile.wsc file, not shown here, is it necessary to keep DIAG_TRACE set to True? This has been helpful for setting up the initial conditions to provide alerts matching the real world, but when that's all sync'd up, can this trace file be disabled?

    - At line 206, in the SetupDialog(), the log file could be going to a Boltwood Systems folder in C/Program Files. In my setup the Boltwood software is installed in Program Files (x86). In any case wouldn't it be better for this to be in a location outside of the "system" folder structure (for example, in to DocRoots)? Just a thought.

    - When you issue an upgrade to ACP, are the Weather Component files typically rewritten, even if they've not been changed? I want to remove the conversion from Farenheit to Celsius and mph to kts. Personal preference. Wouldn't every Clarity user (other sensors too) set up the speed and temperature units to suit themselves - why do any conversion in the code at all? There is the "kt" in the SystemStatus weather annunciator, though...

    Thanks for considering all this. There's no big impact - I was just curious.
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    Pier-mounted Meade 12-inch SCT "classic"
    w. focal reducer to f/5.3 ~ FL 1630mm
    Optec TCF-S focuser
    SBIG CFW-8A and ST7-XME
    FOV ~ 15' x 10'
    H-alpha, BVRI, RGB & Clear filters
    MaxIm and, of course, ACP!
    AAVSO Code: BRIC



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