I did some experimenting last evening using Meunier's ASCOM driver for the AstroHaven dome. In the dome chooser properties, there are three check boxes (thus, eight combinations of checked and unchecked), and there's no explanation of what they mean and how to configure them. So I can only guess. I've tested just four of those combinations. I have "Automatically open shutter on first conn." checked in ACP Dome preferences. In the four tests I've made, when I connect the telescope, I hear "Telescope connected" and "Dome connected", but the shutters do not open when the telescope is first connected, and the Dome Control panel in ACP reports the dome "Open." Not opening the shutters would make sense if ACP thinks the dome is already open. Using the Dome Control panel by itself, I can open and close the shutters manually.

I'd like to use this ASCOM driver, but I need to do the remaining tests, and also do all with somewhat more rigor. Some years ago you were in ASCOM-forum conversations with Meunier about his driver. He offered to make the software available. Do you think this is worth pursuing? I have been looking into the ASCOM Developer Components with the though of writing a new AstroHaven driver, but that's not moving along at this point.