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    Default Couldn't receive last evening's program

    Hi Bob,

    I don't know how else to communicate with you about your program in progress, or now where to comment about a program. Your Company ... Announcements section of the forum is, of course, locked to us.

    Last evening, Steve Reilly, William Edwards and I were connected (we thought) to the YouTube channel for your program "Where Are My Files?" The video had your DC3 Dreams logo in it. We were able to chat with each other, so we know we were connected to YouTube in some way. But your program did not stream to us at all. It was just waiting to start, and we all waited until about fifteen minutes past the hour. Got nothing. Along the way Steve tried to call you at home (remember - your phone rang during the program!) and email you, but of course you were busy at the time. Besides that would not have been the time to dope out some technical problem. As far as I could tell, we were the only three in this situation. I see Paul Luckas managed to find your "real" broadcast!

    Today I can see the archived program perfectly. Unfortunately, we could not participate in real time. Not knowing whether the problem was on our end (doubt it, though), is there a way for you to find out?

    EDIT: Maybe I logged in to the wrong YouTube channel. The real video (the archive at least) was broadcast as "...v=PdB_EPbDhzY...". To get to your program last night I clicked on the link with the epilepsy-inducing (did I really just say that?) flashing TV up in the banner on the Forum. Maybe that was a different setup "...v=..." link. I can't recover that value now. I also was not subscribed to the channel (am now!), so if the right link was in that notification, I didn't have it.
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