I am testing ACP with MaximDL - both are new installations. I have a Losmandy GM8-11 with Gemini-2. I use Polemaster and my polar alignment is pretty good. When i slew to a target with the hand controller the target is within the FOV of the camera. I start ACP and connect to the instruments no problem. I am having some trouble with tracking but that is happening within MaximDL as well so I need to sort that out separately. I have no idea why though - seems to be set up correctly based on the forum responses i have searched for.

The main issue is the following: I submit a request for a single target and single filter. ACP eventually finds target but only after all sky solving. I don't know why this has to take so long. Then, after a full sky plate solve the auto focus begins and ends (FocusMax) and then imaging begins. The tracking fails but the imaging starts anyway. When the image has been taken, the last ACP message is that "tracking has been stopped". When i re-submit the target via ACP, the scopes starts slewing again. Two nights in a row i had to run out and turn off the mount to rescue my scope from hitting the mount.

I know that ACP is using the Gemini controller, not EQMOD. I could be wrong but i don't think EQMOD supports Losmandy mounts.

Why does plate solve take so long and how does the mount get so lost. Since tracking has stopped does ACP assume that i have parked the mount?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Dave Bennett